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Family Enterprises - Family Business Governance

Family enterprises and their business-owning families are special. To be successful over generations, they need special strategies and structures. These should be developed individually for business, family and ownership.


Each succession is unique. Therefore, every family business and each business-owning family needs a specifically tailored succession strategy.More >


Management, control, and assuring cohesion within the family are the key aspects of Family Business Governance, which are often summarized in a family constitution. Optimally designed, it leads to a higher economic and emotional value.More >


A board in a family enterprise is a well-intentioned supervisor who will support to do the right things and will prevent wrongdoing. Especially the non-executives can be a sparring partner and supervisor, make personnel decisions and hold the family together.More >

Conflict Management

In the worst case, conflicts can destroy families and their businesses. Properly understood, they can improve business and family. Dealing with conflicts correctly is important not to jeopardize the long-term survival of the family enterprise over generations.More >


Interesting, exciting, well-structured and didactic diversely designed talks, presentations, and workshops on family business issues: leadership, succession, conflicts, family constitution, family business governance, holding and foundation, next generation.More >


Latest books, articles, and publications on the topics like family business governance, boards, succession, conflict management.More >